Alenka Strdin Kosir - Slovenia

I am a full time doctor in Maribor, Slovenia, married with 3 grown children. During and after my medical school years I fell in love with Africa, spent over a year volunteering. I always wanted to go back. My medical school is a part of a partnership in the Health center on lake Bunyonyi, near Kabale town. In 2014 a group of students asked me to join them. I spent 12 weeks there and since then visit regularly every year. I met Kedrace Kanyesigye by coincidence in 2014. She invited me to the KASA project. In the beginning I was just a regular visitor with no involvement. Then my medical students started providing medical services for the project. Then I started to like and understand the project and decided to sponsor a child. Then my family and friends started asking if they could also sponsor a child and so… I got more and more involved. Now we are sponsoring almost 20 children. In the last 6 years Kedrace and me became really good friends. The KASA children have become my African family. I visit Kabale and KASA project regularly, I stay with them in the house, I talk to them, I take them to the library, help with school work, take them on walks and trips. They are humble children, thankful for every meal that is provided for them, thankful for the privilege of going to school. I love to see them thrive. I love to see how putting them in a valid school helps them grow. Two of “my” children are enrolling into University this year. They have made a journey from living on the street for several years to finishing their secondary education and becoming kind and loving and driven young men. I am so proud of them. The most important thing you can give a child is a chance of an education and with it a fair possibility to succeed in life. It is what I gave my Slovenian children and now I have a chance to do the same for my African family.