Kasa Programme is a registered Non Profit and Non Governmental Community based Organisation under Registration Number 2332 at the district level and 80020000472573 at the National level in Uganda, East Africa. KASA helps the street kids to get off the streets of Kabale town. It was found by  Kanyesigye Kedrace in 2009.

Our Mission is to provide an effective intervention programme to the street children of Kabale that will offer a viable alternative to living on the streets.

Our vision is a town where no children feels he or she has to live on the streets.

In the moment over 100 children are benefit from the work of KASA. Not all of them are forma street kids. Some of the are vulnurable children which were neglected or were exploited as  child labour.

Over 60 children are living permanently in the children’s home of KASA. Others are reunited with their families or relatives  supervised  by KASA.


Seeing the Misery on the streets of Kabale, Kanyesigye Kedrace decided to found the KASA programme. A save heaven for the ones who have less.0

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Our first attention is a good education for the KASA- Children. But aside from that, there are many Therapeuthic and recreational activities.

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Every one of our over 100 KASA- Children has it's unique story to tell. Let's have a look of three of them.

SA-Kids Ihre Zeit!

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