In addition to the school, the everyday life of children and young people also includes various activities of the project. To some we want to present here below:


Sandplay is a simple form of therapy in which children can talk about their emotional life through figurines  in large sand trays.They can use the figurines in the sand to express what is going on in their minds - this expressing of their thoughts and feelings activates a self healing mechanism within themselves.  With the initiative of Ian McCabe and the help of Professor Mikung Jang, KASA staff were able to receive various training units. It is very important for children and young people to process their experiences, especially on the street. Sandplay gives them the chance to do so.


At least once a week there is a big discussion with the kids and employees in which the current situation is openly discussed and also problems of the children are clarified among themselves. In addition, the employees always have an open ear for the kids.

Music and Drama

With music and drama, the children not only get the opportunity to sing and dance, but also to express them musically. They write songs and think of a suitable dance.  In the drama, the children can prove their acting talent. Typical scenes from many life stories are often replayed, but they always have a happy ending.

Arts and Crafts

Many children love to draw and paint. Here they get the opportunity to try new things and get creative to their heart's content. Fine motor skills are also trained by cutting, glued and painted.

Study Time

In study time, not only do homework with the little ones, but during the holidays there are regular hours in which the children learn about drug addiction or other important topics such as HIV and respect for each other. But also topics such as brushing teeth and washing hands are discussed.


Even the KASA-Kids love football and even the smallest practice in goal shooting. Partial whites made of homemade balls, because unfortunately the money is missing for real balls.