On the streets of Kabale Town in the morning hours, lunch time and evenings and at night you can not fail to see street children especially boys between the ages of 6 and 13 years who roam the streets in groups.

They walk from one rubbish bin to another searching for something to eat because this is their only source of food . They wear dirty and torn clothes as a result of their habitation which is usuall trenches, culverts, bushes, verandahs and unfinished building structures.They are addicted to sniffing glue or petrol , drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana and frequently fight among themselves. They even steal passersby by making some areas of the town dangerous for visitors and residents alike. This state of affairs prompted the Director who is a social worker by profession to intervene.The current caretaker, being a qualified social worker, met and socialized with street kids of all walks of life. Of the over 20 street kids engaged, 4 who were less hostile were offered accommodation at the Director's residence.The rest would have meals at the director's residence and go back to the street.They were brought to her place of abode to receive the basics of a home, or at least to have a homely environment in fairly good measure. As the kids numbers swelled,a good samaritan called Ian McCabe offered to rent a bigger home for the kids thus KASA was able to have a center in 2010.