15 Years old

Am a girl of fifteen years old.

I was neglected from the family because of many  problems.

My father was a drunkard man and taking marijuana and he had a habit of fighting with others. My father continued taking alcohol without working for money to cater for the family. We lived in a rented house without windows  and we used to close the doors using mats and boxes. He used to beat me and my mother and I was born with other children and I was the first born. One time,when my younger sister was still in my motherĀ“s womb ,my mother was beaten and when she went to the Hospital, they told her not to do tiresome work for example digging. And she could go dig and wash clothes in others homes to get for us some food and school fees and from that time when she was stopped from working, I suffered a lot I would not get food, school fees and many basic needs. I escaped from home and I went on street at the age of ten years and I would be sleeping in pipes covering myself with some torn boxes because we never had blankets and when the Police men could come to run after us even some of us would fall down and have some accidents. The problem is that I was the only girl and God  protected  me safely.  I would  be stealing  others  property, begging  some  of the whites for some money and that money I would use it to buy some sneezing glue so that if it is at night, when I am sleeping without covering myself I would not feel coldness. I would move to any side of the town where I thought I would go. I never had clothes to change, I had only had one set of clothes to put on so when we could see a person  hanging some clothes, we could follow him or her to unhang and then take them. One time a person cooked food on a veranda of a house and went inside, when they  come back we had already taken the whole food. Other children on the street and I, we used to take for others rubbish and when we could maybe find some rotten bananas we could eat them because we never had food to eat. We could go and steal others metals so that we can sell them to get more money to buy glue for sneezing. It was in 2011 when Kedrace pick me from the street and brought me here into KASA programme. She could cook for us porridge and food and we went back to the street because she never had enough shelter to accommodate us all. Now, I am in KASA programme and I am getting all basic needs I had never got before 2011 when Kedrace pick me from the street, for example at KASA I eat a balanced diet, medication is available and I have clothes to put on and I also have school fees and I am able to go to school. Sometimes Kedrace has not enough money for basic needs and we find ourselves going one week when others are already at school. I also got new friends in KASA for example Jana and many others and I thank her for her support. I also have shelter, beddings and I stopped a miserable life and now I am happy that I can stay at KASA for now. Now I am well behaved studying with other children at Trinity college. I like studying, playing games with other children both at school and at the project. I am now promoted to Senior 2 and I am working hard to become a nurse. I like doing economics, preparing food, washing utensils. My favorite subjects are biology and agriculture. I like agriculture because it generates more income in Uganda and many other countries. My hobby is playing with others and I am enjoying it. I am happily enjoying all basic needs in KASA programme and we KASA kids we wish we got more support and I will never be the same again.

What a miserable life it was.  God bless you.