17 Years old

My name is William. I was born in 2003 in a village of Nyakahita Katuna in southern Uganda. It came as a good opportunity to have both parents for a short period of time. My parents were still caring for me at a very young age of three years but  with very  little  my father was then  sick and the cause was that he was an alcoholic and then he tried to struggle with life but he was unable for him to survive.

A little time passed on when he was trying to struggle for life  but it remained hard for him to survive. Then he was taken to the hospital and the age I was on was about six years and my mother and the relatives kept on caring for him in the hospital but his condition of sickness was very difficult. Then he died in the hospital and the burial was then carried out and it was my bad luck to lose my father. Then me and my mother tried to fight to see how we can be in order to get good life in future. After my mother was  caring  for me  and I really appreciated her for work she was trying to do for me to obtain a happy life. Again a bad luck came after when my mother was be witched and this became a very bad opportunity in my life. I tried to contact my relatives so that we can take my mum to  the hospital but the treatment did not work well for my  mum in order for her to survive. Then another day after treatment my mum also kissed the ground and then people started preparing for the burial and I was crying loudly on the burial ceremony on the same day I became an orphan. I started  living  with  my aunt who was born with  my  mother by then. My aunt used to give me a lot of care but with time she started treating  me like a slave. I could  perform  hard tasks  like washing  a heap clothes  and carrying very heavy luggage. Once I refused  to perform  the task  I was  denied  food and  clothes  and  even I  could  be  sent  away  from  the  house  to go and sleep  in the bush. A very  difficult  situation  of  living  happened  to  me and  I was then tired  of  living in a difficult  situation.  I  then  escaped  from  my  aunt´s  home  because  she  was  abusing  my  rights at the age of 7.  I  then  went  to  the   street  and  found  there  many  other  children  and  then  I befriended  them and we  were  doing  all  the  deals  together.  We  could eat  dirty  food  after  staying for  three  days without getting food  to eat and I could even sneeze glue, smoke and even pick pockets other people. I could even drink alcohol and even smoke cannabis and then I was also sick for some time. I was even one day taken to the police for picking pockets of people. I took like 2 years on the street suffering but with sometime I got a good luck because there was a woman who was staying a few distance from the street and she was very caring and kind.

One day she tried to pass by the street where we were living and her name is Kanyesigye Kedrace and she picked me and other kids from the street. Then she tried to take care of us and the good thing she did not give us very heavy works like my aunt was doing it. Then she took us to school and then she also gave us the needs we needed at school. I started studying beginning from Primary 1 because my parents had taught me from baby to top class and then I joined school. I started from Primary 1 to primary 7 and I am now joining senior 2 and I am happy to be in KASA because KASA is helping me to join education.

I am in KASA because I want to attain good education, health and to be helped to get  good clothes and not to think about street life .I am happy that I joined KASA and now KASA has changed my life positively because I am attaining  whatever I am in need of like education ,health and to live a wonderful life. KASA has also made my life change for better because I was taught about bad acts like stealing people´s money and smoking, drinking alcohol and sneezing glue and now am a changed person who cannot even think about going to the street again. I would like to call you GERMANS and other people who like to come and join me and we try to make life easy here at KASA .I would like also to call upon you to come and co-operate with us to also get things we lack here in KASA to make life easy. I also call upon you GERMANS and other people who wish to join me to attain education. I am praying hard that you can join me and I want that as you join me and KASA I want that I attain education and achieve my goal of being a doctor. So my agents I call you to support me so as I can attain good education.