17 Years old

I was neglected by my parents when I was very young. My parents would fight every day and every now and then, there was no food at home so, I could sleep on an  empty stomach, even though I was at home, they could not see me as their child.                                                                       

I would move from house to house looking for food but later my parent divorced each other and disappeared from my life. I was alone at the age of 5  years, I wondered on streets, every corner of the town looking for what to eat so that I can live on. But the life on the street was more harsh than that at home even though  at home I was heavily abused, especially beaten every day, denied food and even slept at the veranda outside as if they are not  my parents. 

I was very young at that age and  I would regret why I was born, I would think very hard every now and then, but one day I wanted to kill myself because of the harsh condition I was passing through. I sometimes feel stressed when I think about these things. But when I reached  the street, my life  became more tougher than before to the extent of being raped by a gang of boys. I was beaten by old boys, I had no friends, I had no place to stay just to sleep in the com post pits where I would get my lunch or supper to eat,  but  the other street children  would send  me to steal somethings for them so that I can stay where I can  sleep, sometimes they would  snatch away anything I could get to eat  because they were older than me.

One day I worked for a certain man and after working, he refused  to pay me and asked me for a favour that was to sleep with him in his own bed,  I had to refuse, the man told me that if  you don´t want me then I will look  for you  until I get you. The next day I was sitting alone in  huge land with big trees, thinking on how am I going to pass on with the day when I saw a gang of boys coming toward me. They gave me 1 bottle of soda and a cake, I asked them why are you developing sympathy for me. They just said we have been sent by  somebody and  you  know him,  I immediately remembered the man that refused to pay me because of  favour I refused him and  I got up to run  but I could not escape because of having short legs I was very, very  young and for them they were older than me. They got me, I didn´t know whether  follow or what to do, so I just screamed  and a certain man who was passing by heard me screaming and chased them away. I thanked the man but in deep sorrows because the only dress I had  was torn into pieces, but from that day I decided to join a group that I had refused to join by the time I had started staying on the street .

From there I started taking alcohol, sneezing gum, taking marijuana so that l can join the group and be friendly to them   and be like them at the age of 6 years,   that’s when l started to know that I am old. I passed through   all the temptations but   later joined the group.

One day I was selling mangoes  and yellow bananas so that l can  get money to give my leader his balance so that l may not be chased away from the  group and  I passed by Kedrace´s place, and Kedrace called me and asked me my name  and where l live but l refused to tell her because l was a tough girl. 

The next day as I was with my group of boys because I was   the only girl and l could behave like boys in everything l did,  I could  fight and behave like a hooligan. So  when Kedrace saw  me in this group, she called us   and took us  to  her home. By the time we reached  her home place she immediately gave us porridge and every child a bun, she played some games with us   and also gave us   lunch also, we got interested in   her, we liked her a lot and every time we could  get hungry  we could make a plan to go to Kedrace´s place  so that we can get what to eat  from her, but even though we liked her we could not tell her any thing  about ourselves  just telling her stories of what we pass through, but after some time l got used to Kedrace and started staying with her from 2010.

This is when l started being used to people´s life and staying with them but I could not tell my life story because l knew it was embarrassing me a lot. 

KASA PROGRAMME has changed my life in the way that it encouraged me that l have a family  in my life that loves me a lot,it has also taught me how to behave very well, it has  also taught me how  to excel in my education and have a bright future so that l can achieve and get a good goal and also know my dignity and how to be independent in my life, how to love one another and take care of others and how to also make  better decisions. 

What l want in  future is to get a sponsor who can give me hope and energy that can give me hope to get a brighter future to be come a social worker and also help other kids who are in the same situation that l passed through  and those that are beyond my expectations and also be a part timer in Journalism where l can talk about Child neglection with those I  wish you can join our page, thank you very much.